Hello, and welcome to this website. The word-cloud above, pretty-much summarizes me. A technology and learning solutions consultant by profession, I always stress on the word “solutions!” when talking about what I do. I love to be challenged to develop effective solutions to cater to the (a) L&D function in organisations (where the focus is on competency development), or (b) design and develop solutions for the education or training sector (where the focus is on knowledge and skills) or (c) design simple and effective solutions for effective e-Learning and online/e-publishing.

Of course, any solution also needs to be managed well to reap benefits. With a PRINCE2 certification and over 12 years of core project management experience across a cross-section of industries (learning, technology, publishing and telecommunications), I am able to design and manage project management and process solutions for small and large projects (from a few hunderd thousands to over a few million £’s)

Just like my site, my solutions also focus on simplicity!